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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris The team at Sun behind OpenSolaris has unleashed OpenSolaris 2009.06 upon the world. This new release comes packed with new features, changes, improvements, and fixes, and is the first release of OpenSolaris for SPARC, adding support for UltraSPARC T1, T2 (Sun4v), and UltraSPARC II, III and IV (Sun4u). Read on for some of the improvements that stand out.
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LOL! Why would I be scared of Open Solaris or Solaris in general. Remember it's Linux that helped kill Solaris not the other way around.

On top of that tell me ONE OS that has large market share that is not made or managed by a corporation? Which means if Sun goes away and Oracle does not become a corporate sponsor of Open Solaris then Open Solaris will be right there like Slackware. Something that coders use and people who have nostalgia for Solaris will use and that will be that!

And you can say that Linux is a joke. But last time I looked Sun was losing money and Red Hat was making it. So the joke is on Sun and Solaris.

I am sorry but Linux is everywhere. And yes its a Unix clone that took the Unix model and made it more flexible. That is why Linux is in phones and devices and on almost every super computer in the world.

That is why companies and orgs like:

Sherwin-Williams (Moved from HP-UX to Red-Hat)

Axiom (Moved from Slow Laris to Red Hat)

Orange County Public School (Moved from AIX to Red Hat)

NYSE (600 servers from HP UX, IBM AIX, and SUN Solaris to Red Hat Enterprise Linux.)

Dartmouth University (Sun ONE Directory Server to Red Hat Directory Server)

And the list goes on and on and on. Scared of Open Solaris. Please don't make me laugh anymore my sides are hurting. LOL!

Oh and I am a sys admin for the US Government. We moved from Solaris and AIX to Red Hat, Windows and Debian.

And I know a lot of what I am talking about is Linux against Solaris and not Open Solaris. But who uses Open Solaris? Oh yea coders such as yourself. Not real sys admins like me who are actually running systems in the field.

Open Solaris is not even a blip on the radar for real world deployments. I bet even though Open Solaris is backed by Sun there are more real world deployments of Debian (That has no support or company backing) then Open Solaris. Crap might be more real world deployments of Deb then Solaris proper at this point! LOL! (Don't quote that as fact, I will have to research that)

So what if Linux includes OpenOffice by default.
Some people might use Abiword, other's may use KDE office, others may use OpenOffice. So, should OpenSolaris contain all these by default. The choice is there to download it or not. Personal responsibility, it's a good thing !

If you cannot be productive while updating/patching your system then that's your problem or your computer's problem. I patch OpenSolaris while I code and build my C++ libraries and am still productive. With a cable modem (my broadband plan being slower than ADSL2+) I patch my system leading to a new boot environment in ~15 minutes.

I am lost on your logic here. First off it would not take any longer for someone to remove Open Office and install Abiword (Open Solaris is Gnome based so not many people gonna use KOffice there) then it would to install Open Office, so since WAY more people use Open Office then Abiword why not just include it. Now maybe its just too big to fit on one CD. That would make sense.

It was mentioned:
"On the hardware I tried it on Linux worked 100% out the box. Open Solaris did not. "

You can either accept "hardware is hardware" and what that entails in the proprietary world of hardware tech or contribute to the free operating system world with hardware-related research or wait until hardware support broadens.

Here again I am confused, If Linux works out the box (Fedora 11 and Ubuntu 9.04) then that would mean that the "Free OS world" has already worked on the drivers etc for this hardware. Oh yeaaaa, that stupid license that Sun put on Open Solaris wont allow you to mix in GPL stuff. So that would mean you have to write it all over again for Open Solaris! Darn.

You should realise that the good thing Linux did was that it made Sun go back to it's roots and open source their flagship operating system. I look forward to OpenSolaris getting more enhanced as time goes by.

As I said above, if Oracle does not sponsor Open Solaris then its dead.

Your comments on the relevance of Sun's technologies are a bit puzzling. Are you a coder, an admin, a casual operating system user/sampler ?
If you were the latter, then okay you do not realise the benefit. But if you are a coder/admin person then you probably have not realised what you have stumbled upon with the Solaris technologies (and by the way these technologies are open-sourced). I say this not as someone who "hates" Linux. I am happy that Linux exists since it adds to the existing pool of unix type systems in this world and I have noticed when people use a unix type system they end up knowing more about their computer environment unlike many Windows users. It just happens that I prefer OpenSolaris.

Ok you want to talk tech so lets talk tech.

Solaris is better then Linux and so is Open Solaris because Open Solaris has all this tech from Solaris like Dtrace and ZFS right?

Well lets take a peak into the past shall we:

Hummmm, when MS came along making work group servers in the early 90's who had the better tech?:


Hummmm Banyan and Novell had scalable directory services and high level security, With Banyan being used at almost every government agency in the mid 90's. MS had crappy NT domains on Windows NT 3.51

Banyan had the Street talk protocol and Novell had IPX/SPX, Microsoft had NetBEUI. Blah. NetBEUI was not even routable at the time.

And here we are in 2009 and where is Banyan? Dead. Where is Novell? Selling Linux and in reality might as well be dead.

My point here is that having so called better tech means nothing. Does not mean at all that your product or whatever is going to become a market leader. What makes a market leader is perception.

This is why even though now General Motors makes cars as good in quality and cheaper then Toyota, people will still buy Toyota and pay $3000 to $5000 more for that car! Why? Because of the perception that GM cars suck.

Which is why you can never loose your job for buying Microsoft. Their products suck but there is the perception that you can do more with MS products and that MS will always be there to fix your problems.

While there is a white paper saying Linux is a toy, Linux is growing, Unix is not. Even Unix companies like IBM and HP are selling what??? Linux! In some cases against their own Unix products. Even Sun was selling Linux, till they realized they were helping kill themselves.

And I don't have a problem with Open Solaris. I was just pointing out the issues they need to fix if they are going to compete on the desktop front.

Like you said it takes 40 seconds to boot Open Solaris, in that time I could of booted my Fedora machine, logged in, sent an email and started shutting down with the new boot scripting Fedora has added.

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