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Opera Software Opera have announced the general availability of Opera 10 beta. Opera 10 includes an improved rendering engine Presto v2.2. The beta adds a new default skin and a couple of new features, notably "Turbo", a proxy compressor for dial-up users, and tab previews. The result? Complete fail. Read More for why and a quick screenshot tour. addendum: As an apology to the community for the reckless and inadequate review I will be doing it again, properly, taking into consideration your fine comments.
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Shocking "review"
by waynej on Thu 4th Jun 2009 07:27 UTC
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Dear God that was painful to read.

Lets summarize shall we.

Opera is crap because I don't like the look and the icon looks crap and the UI is crap.

Kroc obviously has a serious grudge against Opera to write such an obviously biased "review".

As some of the other posters have said / implied, when one uses Opera for a length of time it is a real struggle to move to something, anything, else. There is more built-in functionality in this browser than any other. If one wants to use the functionality great use it, if you don't want to use it, fine - it gets out of the way.

Speed - I find it way faster than any other browser I've used.

UI - I find it to be very simple and intuitive.

Looks - I like the looks to be honest but we must remember, one persons beauty is another persons poke in the eye with a sharp stick.

General browsing - No problems for me. The only sites I ever have trouble with are budget airline sites. No other sites ever cause problems and I do mean ever. In the past there were problems but not now. Ok maybe I don't go to this or that site as I'm not "l33t" but then again I have a life and the sites I go to work fine.

This wasn't a review. When one writes a review you must start with an open mind and willingness to be honest. This was an attack (of sorts) dressed in the finery of a review. I and many other visitors to this site would expect much better than this. Very disappointed.

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