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Opera Software Opera have announced the general availability of Opera 10 beta. Opera 10 includes an improved rendering engine Presto v2.2. The beta adds a new default skin and a couple of new features, notably "Turbo", a proxy compressor for dial-up users, and tab previews. The result? Complete fail. Read More for why and a quick screenshot tour. addendum: As an apology to the community for the reckless and inadequate review I will be doing it again, properly, taking into consideration your fine comments.
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RE[3]: The opera logo
by No it isnt on Thu 4th Jun 2009 09:30 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: The opera logo"
No it isnt
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The problem is that you can't separate functionality from looks. A program that looks awful will affect its usability and hence its functionality. A program's appearance has an influence on whether the user thinks it feels natural.

That's a claim that may or may not be true, and neither you nor the reviewer back it up in any way. Sorry, I won't take the claim as truth based only on the authority of a random douchebag on the internet.

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