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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless The Palm Pre will hit the stores on Saturday, June 6, and it has a very important task to fulfil. Contrary to what the sensationlist media want you to believe, that task is not to dethrone the iPhone, but to save a flailing company. Palm requires for its very survival that the Pre and its brand-new operating system webOS is a success. CNet has taken the Palm Pre through its paces, and despite some flaws, they were quite pleased, especially on the software front. Update: Another review, from Engadget: "To put it simply, the Pre is a great phone, and we don't feel any hesitation saying that."
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I lately lost all my contacts from my first smart-phone, the Nokia 7710 which was a joy to use, and I swear I will never purchase a smart-phone again if I can't connect it to my *nix desktop.

Never again.

So if this Palm thing will synchronize smoothly with my *nix desktop, I might give it a chance. If not, pass on.

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