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Hardware, Embedded Systems A while ago, I made a list of my ten most beautiful computers, which ignited some heavy debate since Cray wasn't mentioned. Anyway, one of the items on the list was the Honeywell Kitchen Computer, the H316. This was a very basic and incredibly difficult to handle machine which was supposed to store and display recipes, but its most awesome feature was a built-in cutting board. Despite its ridiculousness, I think it's a beautiful piece of design, a pre-cursor to a type of computer everyone in the '50s thought we would have now (get it?). Well, the idea of a kitchen computer is supposed to make a comeback. Update: Eugenia just pointed me to a photo her husband took of the H316 at the Computer History Museum in California, as well as a product photo of Be, Inc.'s take on the kitchen computer.
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Don't forget the iPod fridge
by jrlah on Thu 4th Jun 2009 20:58 UTC
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A real thing:

iPod is a more powerful computer than any of those historical attempts. This device does not double as a cutting board, but it can store milk and eggs (not to mention beer)...

P.S. I keep a first-generation Asus Eee in the kitchen. Perfect for recipes.

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