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Hardware, Embedded Systems Back when the whole netbook thing started, Asus was king of the hill with a focus on netbooks with Linux pre-installed. Since they were kind of popular, it didn't take Microsoft long to start working together with Asus to 'port' Windows XP to the Asus line of netbooks, and with that, to other netbooks as well. The result was that Linux netbooks are now harder to find for many people. While Dell committed itself to Linux on netbooks, Asus has decided to just skip the first date and jump right into bed with Microsoft.
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Let's see if I got this right.

- People don't want GNU/Linux (nevermind the average netbook user doesn't even *know* about the underliing OS)

- People want Windows

- ASUS realizes this, and sets up a website to convince users that "It's better with Windows"

Right. Since customers want Windows, let's persuade them that Windows is better. Makes perfect sense.

The funny thing is that the tiny fraction of netbook customers who _really_ want Windows is almost entirely composed of people who want to run their old, heavyweight win32 apps (usually games) rather than generic productivity software. So when they finally get Windows, they're disappointed that a netbook doesn't come with the necessary resources to run those games.

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