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Opera Software Opera have announced the release of Opera 10 beta. New engine, new features, but I'm more concerned about where Opera 10 fits into Opera's history, and certainly their future. Opera have never made any massive strides in marketshare and is Opera 10 really going to change any of that? Read More to find out.
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More of the same
by Wondercool on Fri 5th Jun 2009 00:57 UTC
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It seems there is not really much innovation in this version of Opera, it's faster, has more features, etc. The usual.

Personally, I don't care much about your comments on the GUI, in general it is not difficult to find a theme/font combination that is nice - for any browser. I share your sentiment on Mail and Torrent, total waste of development time.

I used Opera from 1998 till 2006 as my main browser (really) and paid for it (in the end)

But these days, I think Opera has given up. It seems Opera only releases a general web browser as a marketing tool for its mobile web browser. i.e. the PC version is a loss leader that serves to attract people and test new technology for its mobile browser (where the money is).

The problem really is the same problem for as long as Firefox exists: extensions.

No easy Adblock, Showip, Foxy Proxy, RIP, Greasemonkey, Xmarks and thousands of other programs.

OK it's fast and feature rich out of the box, but just not extensible in the right way.

As much as I wish Opera good luck, I still hope they will implement an extensions framework properly. Even a good, simple Adblock would sway people I think.

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