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Windows Microsoft's original plan was to release Windows 7 three years after Windows Vista, which would put the release date somewhere in January of 2010. Microsoft already made it clear that it would ship sooner, before the holiday season, but we've now got what is most likely the official release dates. Windows 7 will be released to manufacturing at the end of July, with the actual release date being set for October 22 - 2009, that is.
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RE[3]: Wow ...
by stabbyjones on Fri 5th Jun 2009 06:15 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Wow ..."
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Time also flies when you simply don't use Windows (be it good or not) and divvy up the year between April and October releases.

Waiting to run 'aptitude full-upgrade' every 6 months doesn't sound like a great deal of fun.

A release that's mean't to right the wrongs of Vista and restore a bit of consumer faith is a lot more interesting than a frozen snapshot of testing with an Aliterating Animal Alias Attached.

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