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Opera Software Opera have announced the release of Opera 10 beta. New engine, new features, but I'm more concerned about where Opera 10 fits into Opera's history, and certainly their future. Opera have never made any massive strides in marketshare and is Opera 10 really going to change any of that? Read More to find out.
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The review should be based on the default look; if the default look is crap, then quite frankly, it doesn't matter how much you protest as to the virtues of customisation, they're crap defaults. Opera should go back and ask themselves whether their defaults take into account the requirements of the vast majority of end users.

When I install something, I expect it to work out of the box with sane defaults; I don't expect to have to for the next half hour having to fumble around in settings trying to get the damn thing working at least in some sort of logical manner.

so basically, you expected a cross platform program to have the GUI and default behavior from your favorite OS guidelines?

if the GUI is a "total fail" on a mac, how about on windows xp? windows vista/7? linux in a kde session? linux in a gnome/gtk session?

and majority of end users of opera are on ...mac?

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