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Opera Software Opera have announced the release of Opera 10 beta. New engine, new features, but I'm more concerned about where Opera 10 fits into Opera's history, and certainly their future. Opera have never made any massive strides in marketshare and is Opera 10 really going to change any of that? Read More to find out.
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It should NOT be built-in if it slow down the browser!

You don't bother if you don't use them. They are not affect to Opera performance.

I don't deny that every browser have its own advantages, and I use Firefox for some extension that I must use web-service or not easy to do with Opera.

But, what make Opera my choice, and Firefox or other can't do better:

* Sessions manager: stable, automatic recovery, easy to use.

* I use many tabs, too. And I have no problem with tab cycling, Ctrl+Tab or Ctrl+Shift+Tab for cycle forward/backward, it's likely scrolling in iPod (my opinion).

It's efficient if you have 10xtabs.

Of course, Firefox is better if you have less than 10 tabs.

Bonus, you can use "tab cylce" feature in every tabbed windows of Opera, not only pages window.

* Trash, better and better.

* Feeds reader, I use feed reader very much.

* Bookmarklet + Buttons, really cool feature.

* Searching in address bar and QuickFind.

* Fit to Width, cached image (easy way), author/user mod.

* Adblock, or Noscript???

I use Bfilter, very fast, easily configurable and can use with every browser.

Opera can disable/enable plugins (flash, ... etc), Java, javascript, sound, gift with one key F12.

* Also site preference, I like this feature!

How many extensions can do these???

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