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Syllable, AtheOS

Kristian Van Der Vliet has implemented asynchronous input/output. This has been tested with QEmu, which shows increased performance both due to this and the also new implementation of memory-mapped files. A development build with async I/O is already available.

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I wasn't complaining, I was rather wondering. How many things are there that aren't already in Linux kernel, and how many of those features would be hard to add to it?

The stable ABI would be a complete non-starter, and the Syllable Desktop has an in-kernel ELF loader & RTLD which does not exist in Linux. Message ports and 1:1 threads would also be a problem.

And I was just thinking whether you have the manpower to write drivers for too many hardware devices..

That's the nice part: porting Linux drivers to Syllable is not very hard at all because the APIs are actually quite similar. Almost all of the drivers currently in Syllable come from Linux anyway.

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