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ReactOS ReactOS, the project to create a Windows NT-compatible operating system, has published another news update with some interesting news items. The legal position of the ReactOS Foundation has been strengthened, and now has a VeriSign certificate that might help other open source projects as well, the new ATA driver is more or less complete, and there's some progress in the area of video drivers.
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RE: That's COOL!!!
by Laurence on Mon 8th Jun 2009 07:50 UTC in reply to "That's COOL!!!"
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I'm just waiting and waiting until they got some usable version (i.e 3D acceleration and network), so I could dump Vista and become free... Unfortunately ReactOS is the only viable option to a Windows (TM) user, since Linux is a useless crap and FreeBSD has even a worse position on the desktop. No one will free us without losing all Windows-based SW except ReactOS... if they only could find an investor so they'd accelerate their progress... oh well...

I've -1 Trolled you because of the tone of your post and the following facts you were grossly inaccurate about:

* Linux already has 3D accelleration and network drivers (so it can already run many Windows games better than ReactOS)

* ReactOS already has ethernet network drivers - not tried wireless, but then I find even Windows to be buggy with WiFi with many cards. So I'm really not quite sure what you're on about when you mention ReactOS's lack of "network".

* Ignoring games for a moment: Given ReactOS is BASED on a *nix app (WINE), it's safe to say that Linux/BSD runs not that much less Windows apps (via WINE) than ReactOS does. So there already are workable alternatives to Windows (not that I want to discurrage this project either mind).

* and finally: Millions of people world wide already use Linux/BSD as their desktop OS (including myself). So clearly it is a viable desktop OS.
Sure, Linux/BSD maybe a different way of working to what you're used to (package managers and different software suites as opposed to randomly downloaded untrusted EXEs and running Microsoft branded bloatware), but to argue that these differences make Linux/BSD useless is pure ignorance and trolling.

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