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Apple At the WWDC today, Apple has lifted the veil on a number of features of its upcoming operating system, Snow Leopard. Most of the work on Snow Leopard has gone into under-the-hood technologies and optimisations, but there are also a number of interface tweaks. The company also updated some of its laptops, while also lowering their prices. We got all the news from
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Whoa there killer, are you going to tell me Apple's target audience is NOT the home user?

No. I'm telling you that Snow Leopard's main audience are pro users.
You should learn the difference between Apple as a whole with all its products and just a single Apple product -- in this case Snow Leopard.
Home users can probably live with plain Leopard as well, considering that "home user"-targeted APIs where untouched making Snow Leopard not binary incompatible to Leopard for home user apps.

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