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Apple At the WWDC today, Apple has lifted the veil on a number of features of its upcoming operating system, Snow Leopard. Most of the work on Snow Leopard has gone into under-the-hood technologies and optimisations, but there are also a number of interface tweaks. The company also updated some of its laptops, while also lowering their prices. We got all the news from
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Careful, I was solely using Windows service packs as an example. Lets not get derailed by that wreck. I don't think it is a better solution than OSX at all. Nor is Linux. This is about Apple "not enough profit margin for a reasonably priced notebook" trying to pass a service pack off with a $29 dollar fee. A Microsoft failure has nothing to do with this.

Those changes do not present a value NOW. When the "future" features come out using them they will. RIGHT NOW they do not provide a value added benefit to the home user. Therefore they are not worth $29 to the home user. The speed gains/interface tweaks (which are not very expansive) are service pack level changes... Microsoft upgrades DirectX/Windows Search and many other similar techs in their SPs. This is hardly different.

I think we just disagree then. I see this as huge possible improvements in functionality and end user delight. I am an end user, and I think Snow Leopard looks great, especially because of the little things that it will do better.

Apple has resisted doing 32-bit and 64-bit lines of their OS like most others (Linux and Windows). One could look at Snow Leopard as the introduction of their 64-bit OS with other advancements. So these are not service pack level changes - since when in Windows can you upgrade from 32-bit OS to 64-bit OS with some service packs? You can't do that in Linux either. Your logic is flawed, bro.

Snow Leopard is a whole new mutation of Leopard. I'm really happy with Leopard at home on my Powermac G4, but I am even more excited to purchase a new Mac in September now.

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