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Apple And we have another Ask OSNews item! This one has to do with the recent article we ran on how I built my own Macintosh and installed a vanilla, unaltered copy of Mac OS X on it using the boot-132 method. One of our readers asked us: what is the best hardware to build a Mac out of?
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RE[2]: my system
by GCrain on Mon 8th Jun 2009 20:56 UTC in reply to "RE: my system"
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Did you try adding your EFI graphics card string into your,64.msg1961.html#msg1961 Or did you install a driver like NVdarwin?

Yes, I tried adding it - both cards, but I still have NVinject installed, so maybe there is a conflict. I am going to remove NVinject and see if it is identified correctly with the proper EFI string written.
If I still have trouble, I'll flash the 8800GT with a Apple bios and be done with it.

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