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Apple At the WWDC today, Apple has lifted the veil on a number of features of its upcoming operating system, Snow Leopard. Most of the work on Snow Leopard has gone into under-the-hood technologies and optimisations, but there are also a number of interface tweaks. The company also updated some of its laptops, while also lowering their prices. We got all the news from
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RE[5]: Nicely done
by kaiwai on Tue 9th Jun 2009 02:00 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Nicely done"
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Agreed. I had lots of troubles with the Intel Wi-FI driver. Had to end up using an XP version that ran "fine". ;)

But it took me about 5 or 6 restarts and pen-drive "copy-paste" from another box with different drivers.

(Build 7100 tho).

But… this Tablet PC is more than 1.5 years old!

True; the wireless in my Eee PC was supported out of the box and was fairly stable, however, I still find the GUI is a giant mess with no consistency between any of the bundled applications; some use menus, others use ribbons whilst others use a different interface altogether. It looks like Linux 10 years ago when there was the horrible mishmash of GTK+, Motif, Qt and numerous other widget kits.

Microsoft need to go away for 3 years, sit down and think about a consist UI from the ground up, fully documented that all divisions of Microsoft embrace. Where the focus on small things are just as important as making sure that the dispatcher is as scalable as it should be. Microsoft has the talent - too bad they lack the management to put the talent to some good use.

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