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SkyOS The future of SkyOS, the closed-source alternative operating system, had been hanging by a thread for a long time now. Barely any releases, until they came to a grinding halt altogether and Robert Szeleney explained he was pondering the future of SkyOS, and where to take it from here. One of the main problems was a lack of driver support which really made development difficult. Well, this is a problem Szeleney might be able to fix.
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Unix-ized SkyOS?
by neticspace on Tue 9th Jun 2009 03:20 UTC
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As much as I like Unix or Unix-ish operating systems, I really want to be familiar with different non-Unix operating systems besides Windows.

SkyOS should be fully open sourced or sell it to a company. I don't want a Unix-ized SkyOS.

Or another way around, bring back the original BeOS for the sake of minimal healthy diversity.

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