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General Unix The end of the world is near. At last that of the Unix world. That's the prediction of Donald Feinberg, vice-president of Gartner. "Linux is coming, Unix is dead." But there's no need to panic. Not just yet. The end is not going to come overnight or even in next week or year, but it is certain, or as he puts it, "an absolute".
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RE[2]: MacUser
by Lazarus on Tue 27th Sep 2005 03:37 UTC in reply to "RE: MacUser"
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"Well, technically some of them have ripped drivers and networking code and the csh out of them, but there is no UNIX code in the BSDs"

Ahem. (c) UNIX System Laboratories, Inc.

There are other files with the USL copyright in them. I'll leave finding them as an excercise for you.

Do your homework next time. The BSDs damned well do have UNIX code in them, although not much.

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