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SkyOS The future of SkyOS, the closed-source alternative operating system, had been hanging by a thread for a long time now. Barely any releases, until they came to a grinding halt altogether and Robert Szeleney explained he was pondering the future of SkyOS, and where to take it from here. One of the main problems was a lack of driver support which really made development difficult. Well, this is a problem Szeleney might be able to fix.
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RE: Go the Linux Kernel
by Mike Pavone on Tue 9th Jun 2009 17:17 UTC in reply to "Go the Linux Kernel"
Mike Pavone
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Yes there are handfuls of kernels SkyOS could use but seriously, for the best hardware support Robert cannot go past a Linux Kernel.

Just going to the Linux kernel isn't going to get you support for all the hardware a Linux distro supports. All of the support for hardware graphics acceleration lives in the X server. You could include the, but then you're well on your way to just being another Linux distribution. There's DirectFB, but it doesn't support nearly as much hardware.

I believe USB hotplug support requires some userland support as well.

The Linux kernel does give you support for lots of other hardware, though at least for a while FreeBSD had better WiFi support (or so I heard, I've never messed around with WiFi on FreeBSD personally).

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