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SkyOS The future of SkyOS, the closed-source alternative operating system, had been hanging by a thread for a long time now. Barely any releases, until they came to a grinding halt altogether and Robert Szeleney explained he was pondering the future of SkyOS, and where to take it from here. One of the main problems was a lack of driver support which really made development difficult. Well, this is a problem Szeleney might be able to fix.
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RE[2]: Unix-ized SkyOS?
by neticspace on Wed 10th Jun 2009 08:54 UTC in reply to "RE: Unix-ized SkyOS?"
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People often confuse userland tools with the kernel, but essentially all the kernel is, is an interface to the hardware.

That's the problem. SkyOS and its userland are based on non-Unix dynamics. I don't think superimposing a Unix-ish component is a good idea.

BeOS was more "unix-y" than SkyOS is!!!

So does Amiga and not many people relate BeOS to Unix dynamics.

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