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Fedora Core Today, Fedora 11 will be unleashed upon the web. The release has been postponed for a few days, but this time it's for real. It comes packed with lots of changes, such as improved boot time, Nouveau as the default NVIDIA driver, and of course the latest and greatest version of various open source packages.
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Fedora 11: It Just Works
by strcpy on Wed 10th Jun 2009 19:12 UTC
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This is going to be one of those annoying anecdotal comments you usually hate to read in stories like this.

My previous experiences with Fedora have always been twofold: either it works perfectly or it fails miserably. The previous release was a total catastrophe on this laptop, but all issues have been resolved with the new release. This one just works (tm).

(This is within parenthesis for a reason: the behavior described above should/could really be used to address the problems related to the current de facto craze of six month release cycles.)

Fedora 11 feels great and looks polished. A true Fedora release. The people involved really hit the bull's-eye with this one.

I hope some day Fedora team and associated stake holders manage to catch up with the one and only thing Ubuntu is doing better...

... the hype.

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