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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y With Snow Leopard finally been given a release date and a price, the comparisons with Windows 7 are starting to pop up all over the place, especially focussing on the price aspect of things. While Apple's move to price Snow Leopard at 29 USD for Leopard owners is a very welcome one, the move doesn't mean that Microsoft is getting a price beating from Apple.
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Comment by kerframil
by kerframil on Thu 11th Jun 2009 20:26 UTC
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The article states:

"Another example is that various driver upgrades no longer require a restart, such as graphics drivers."

Perhaps it was not intended to come across as such, but the inference is that this is a unique feature in Windows 7. In fact, that a graphics driver may not require a reboot is dependent on its adeherence to the Windows Display Driver Model which was introduced in ... Vista.

That's also the reason why buggy graphics drivers no longer bring the OS to its knees. I've had first hand experience of that recently while trying a new driver for the Intel G41 chipset. All that would happen was that the driver would crash, the screen would temporarily go black, then the driver would be restarted seconds later. I cured that by downloading the version packaged by the OEM but my point is that, in XP, a similar bug would most likely have resulted in a BSOD or something equally catastrophic.

That aside, being a Vista user now, and having run some of the Windows 7 betas and toyed with the release candidate, I can't really fathom what all the fuss is about. It's really the same beast with a new lick of paint, some alterations to the shell, some (slightly exaggerated, imho) performance enhancements and questionable developments to the UAC model which Thom has been posting about lately. Some of the new features are pleasant (Libraries) or promising (e.g. DeviceStage), but I do think that the discrepancy between the Vista-hating and the Windows 7-loving has gotten a little out of hand.

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