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Windows In a move to basically outflank the EU antitrust investigation, Microsoft has announced that all version of Windows 7 shipped in Europe will not include Internet Explorer 8 by default. This is reminiscent of the Windows XP N editions, which did not include Windows Media Player, but the difference here is that Microsoft will not ship versions of Windows 7 with Internet Explorer 8 in Europe.
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What will Google do?
by jebb on Thu 11th Jun 2009 22:29 UTC
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From the general public's point of view, this is almost a non issue: OEMs will never ship a PC without a fully functional browser on bord.
What will be highly interesting is which browser will get shipped. Of course IE8 is the obvious choice (the safest for OEMs), but who knows what deals other browser makers may enter... I can't see Google missing this opportunity to push Chrome.

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