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Windows In a move to basically outflank the EU antitrust investigation, Microsoft has announced that all version of Windows 7 shipped in Europe will not include Internet Explorer 8 by default. This is reminiscent of the Windows XP N editions, which did not include Windows Media Player, but the difference here is that Microsoft will not ship versions of Windows 7 with Internet Explorer 8 in Europe.
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But what if your not an OEM. Your a simple computer user that wants to build his or her own system living in Europe with a retail copy of Windows 7. You don't own a laptop or another desktop either. You install Windows 7 without a default browser. Now what?. You get prompted to install IE8 . Defeats the purpose!. Now if Microsoft gave you a prompt to either install IE8, Opera, or Firefox. that would be meet the EU demands and not screw the customer. se hwat I'm getting at. I care less about OEM installs, what about computer users who build their own systems or build one for the first time.

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