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Windows In a move to basically outflank the EU antitrust investigation, Microsoft has announced that all version of Windows 7 shipped in Europe will not include Internet Explorer 8 by default. This is reminiscent of the Windows XP N editions, which did not include Windows Media Player, but the difference here is that Microsoft will not ship versions of Windows 7 with Internet Explorer 8 in Europe.
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Most of those sites (checked first 5) work just fine on IE 8...

I don't use IE, mind you. I tend to switch from browser to browser once in a while but I am getting sick of EU shoving this "freedom of choice" down my throat. I can choose my own browser just fine. I live in EU and if I buy Win7 i'd like it to be bundeled with IE8 - I'm not interested in a politicaly-infested crippled version.

Opera: cry me a river, get users to use your product on your own. Mozilla can do this, so can Google. Don't have the cash? Well too bad thanks for playing, good luck in the mobile market.

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