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Internet Explorer Yesterday, Microsoft dropped a bomb by announcing that all versions of Windows 7 released in Europe would ship without Internet Explorer pre-installed. This was in answer to the EU antitrust investigation currently under way regarding possible illegal bundling of Internet Explorer with Windows. The first reactions to this news are coming in, with Opera and the EU both lamenting the move.
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This is almost perfect
by CaptainN- on Fri 12th Jun 2009 15:17 UTC
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This is exactly what should be done. It should be up to the hardware manufacturers to decide what they want to ship by default with their own computers. That's how it used to work in the Netscape days, and that's how it should work again. Let Opera, Mozilla and Google compete for the attention of OEMs. Dell, HP and others now have another avenue to compete on - the quality of the web browsing experience on their hardware, and since they have to manually put IE8 in anyway, I don't see why there isn't a chance to get them to look to an alternative, and I just gave them the argument for why they should choose one - like Firefox.

In my own neighborhood, I used to do side PC setup and cleanup work, and I switched every one of my clients to Firefox for one reason. They will no longer get hundreds of address bars, random active x garbage, and scamware to clog up their computers. It has worked beautifully, to the point where I don't need to clean their PCs any more (I do other work, like setting up printers - but they remain scamware free).

There's a compelling argument for OEMs to supply another browser by default, and frankly I think Opera 10 Firefox and Chrome are all in a position to make that argument (Opera wasn't until version 10 - auto update is an absolute must - the fact they didn't do it until now, shows how they don't understand their market).

The thing, btw, that makes this "almost" perfect, is we still need that uninstall option. That would make this move complete.

Also, I never ever ever, want there to be a choice of browsers shoved down the throats of users of new hardware - that's just a terrible idea.

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