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Mono Project A Mono developer responds to a request for "a calm presentation of why Mono is desirable, why it is not a threat, and why it should be included in Ubuntu by default" answering the three questions individually, then attempting to address general anti-Mono sentiment.
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Ignoring the patent thing for a sec...
by cjcox on Fri 12th Jun 2009 17:12 UTC
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Mono is .Net (plus)

It's actually a better .Net, because the Mono and Monodevelop platform and tools provide existing .Net developers a way of creating true cross platform applications. I guess the alternative is to shun all Microsoft developers... but why do that? I guess we might not want them to use Linux, we might not want them to use IronPython, we might not want them to consider using open source licenses... perhaps we really do not want these kind of things for them.

Maybe they are evil.

I know there are some folks at Microsoft that do NOT like Mono. Why? For one thing, it makes a set of .Net classes available APART from the restricted use set offered by Microsoft. That means that .Net developers that were prevented from developing or using certain calls on certain classes of hardware, can now do so. Also, there is that whole concept that some Microsoft devotees might LIKE the open source "evil" stuff that we're trying desperately to shield them from. They might end up preferring a Linux distro, for example, instead of a Windows based platform for their development.

So... it's up to us. If we work really hard we can put up more walls and barricades to keep Microsoft developers safe and sound developing proprietary software for proprietary OS's. Who needs em... right??

After all, open source is a disease.... with time, we can kill it. If we're willing to work hard at it. Long live Microsoft proprietary .Net, death to anything that might sway them away from that!!! Death to open source... oops... well, at least for Microsoft users and developers....

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