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Bugs & Viruses Reuters reports that Microsoft is getting ready to unveil a free antivirus service for computers to compete with the many retail antivirus offerings on the market. Microsoft first made plans for its free antivirus offering codenamed "Morro" in November of 2008. At the time, Microsoft said that the service would be launching in the second half of 2009. The exact launch date of the new free anti-virus service has yet to be announced, but Reuters reports that Microsoft will "soon" make a beta version of the free protection available for users. Investors in security software firms like McAfee and Symantec are worried that a free offering from Microsoft could potentially harm revenue for the companies.
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It's not about competition
by sphere2k on Fri 12th Jun 2009 17:18 UTC
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I don't think MS intends to compete with Symantec, McAfee et al. Rather, it's their attempt to improve the security of the Windows ecosystem by offering a free "better than nothing" solution to those who didn't bother to take care of AV software in the past.

Sure, there are free products in the market already (Avira FreeAV, AVG Free), but many people don't seem to notice them.

I've seen many PCs without any working AV solution - often running an expired version of Norton AV or the like that wasn't getting any updated definitons. Maybe a free MS product could be beneficial for those people. Definition updates are going to be delivered via MS Update - and it seems to be common knowledge these days that installing Windows Updates is good and important.

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