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Mac OS X "Although OS X is relatively new, it is built on top of technology that has been under development since Steve Jobs founded NeXT in the mid '80s. Erik Buck, author of Cocoa Design Patterns, has been working with this platform for over two decades. His perspective on the development of Cocoa, from its beginnings in NeXTSTEP and its evolution through the OpenStep specification, provide some interesting insights."
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RE: Price to join the club
by roverrobot on Fri 12th Jun 2009 17:57 UTC in reply to "Price to join the club"
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I've looked into creating an iPhone app (I have a classic Palm app I'd like to port), but the price of admission is too much for me. In order to do iPhone development I need an Intel Mac, which is going to cost me about $1000. Darn!

Not if you mostly write OpenGL programs. If you need to write GUI apps, you can install Mac OS X in a virtual machine.

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