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Legal We've got some news in the Apple vs. Psystar tragedy that's been unfolding before our eyes for months now. We all know the gist: Psystar sells machines with Mac OS X pre-installed, while the EULA states that's not allowed. Apple then took this stuff to court, and in the meantime, Psystar went into Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection. The news today is that Apple has filed a complaint stating that this Chapter 11 thing is just a shield that allows Psystar to continue its business practices, which Apple deems as illegal.
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Apple's EULA is illegal
by shiva on Sat 13th Jun 2009 14:48 UTC
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I don't understand the american legal system. In my country and many others which used the roman legal system as base it is illegal to force a person buy a product to acquire another product of the same company.

Apple should be forced to sell MacOS X and its other software products to any company which want to put it on their computers. The Aple computers of today are merely PC computers artificially modified to try to justify the fact of Apple doesn't sell MacOS to competitors.

Apple is a bad company and consummers should boycott its products. I don't buy any Apple product.

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