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Mono Project A Mono developer responds to a request for "a calm presentation of why Mono is desirable, why it is not a threat, and why it should be included in Ubuntu by default" answering the three questions individually, then attempting to address general anti-Mono sentiment.
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RE: Comment by robmv
by redbeard on Sun 14th Jun 2009 06:46 UTC in reply to "Comment by robmv"
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"Mono is covered by the OIN, as with most other major Free apps. Patent attacks against Mono carry the same risk to attackers as attacks against any other OIN entrant. Attacks against Mono would risk patent “world war”, which Microsoft cannot win. Such an action would harm their business – and lose them money.

Nuclear weapons are not a threat because we have them too? this is not a good way to defend Mono, There is a risk, What if OIN just disappear 10 years from today and we based important parts of our OSS on Mono?

The other issue is that MS doesn't have to be the one to attack on the patent front. Based on past history of the use of third parties for lots of things, does anybody not think that a third party might hold a currently unknown patent on mono/.net ip? This third party could then sue MS as well as some other big Linux/mono end users/distributors. MS avoids the nuclear issue and plays victim and settles, as they have plenty of cash.

Mono users on the other hand . . . well they are out of luck. MS now can points to this incident saying see, we told Linux can't protect you but we can. The PHB won't take a chance again on this linux stuff. . .

MS grins and the chairs in Ballmer's office breath a little easier.

BTW I don't own a tin foil cap . . . 8^)

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