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OSNews, Generic OSes With the growing "mobile, mobile, mobile!" craze, many groups have been working strenuously to develop slimmer, easier to use mobile operating systems and applications. At the forefront of these innovating developments are various Linux branches, Android quite possibly one of the most popular and most hoped to come preinstalled on netbooks. In the humble shadows, however, a new mobile OS is emerging and just may have the viability to cover some hefty ground in the market. Meet "Xenon," the new mobile OS.
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by alucinor on Sun 14th Jun 2009 19:52 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Xenon..."
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Nah I would say his complaint is valid ... more people shouldn't have such ambiguously lofty visions for computing and focus on the little things -- heck only by focusing on the little things does one really get an understand of the bigger things ... just look at all the open source leaders out there, they are successful because they've focused on a particular needed and necessary detail. But take a look at this website: wow, all sorts of buzz words going off -- I'm sorry, but I'm a bit skeptic when I see rotating menu items and something about "the cloud". It claims to be revolutionary, but sounds exactly like Ulteo, going as far as to be based on Linux. We'll see I guess ...

But the original point is that it's sad to see yet another gust of hot air when what's needed is more grunt work to the existing ecosystem ... people need to just get over themselves if they want to contribute, but hey at least this kind of thing as mentioned in the article seems like a start.

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