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Novell and Ximian "We chat to Gnome and coder Michael Meeks about all things Linux. Here's a few of the questions we asked the Novell employee."
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Poor interview
by Anonymous on Tue 27th Sep 2005 12:44 UTC
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Well, I see typical GNOME developer attitude: 'your software is slow!' - 'impossible! it is all, uhm, kernel's fault and btw. KDE sucks!'
Seriously, how come koffice starts much faster even run from fluxbox? Damn, even msword on crossover starts faster.
His random attack at kdeinit makes no sense (wow, surprise) - _every_ kdeinit library has also matching normal binary. You can also disable kdeinit hack at all by KDE_IS_PRELINKED env var.
You can see a pattern here: when confronted with slow startup problem KDE devs make (hacky) solution that make users' life easier and still can be easily disabled when proper solution (prelinking) is in effect. GNOME devs on the other hand start bitching and pointing in random (ok, KDE is always among them so not so random) directions.

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