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Debian and its clones Well, this is interesting. We already have a Mono item ruffling some feathers on OSNews today, but here we have the apparent news that Tomboy has become a default part of GNOME on Squeeze, the next release of Debian. Wait, what now? Update: I've updated the article with Fedora's position in all this. Read on! Update II: Josselin Mouette replies.
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RE[5]: 50MB?
by abraxas on Mon 15th Jun 2009 12:40 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: 50MB?"
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I don't see that. Mono is an implementation of "their" technology, while must of the other OSS stuff isn't.

That's a very shallow understanding of what is going on. The issue is patents. A re-implementation isn't subject to legal issues unless patents or copyright are involved. Microsoft has claimed patent rights on several pieces of software in the FLOSS world including the kernel itself. This isn't limited to Mono.

I don't see where the secret sauce with Mono apps is. They may be faster to develop, but in the end they are just Gtk apps, with no access to any magical libs that would not be available for C++.

The argument you made is that it would be easy to just port Mono apps. While it is possible it's not something that can be done overnight. Tomboy is relatively simple compared to apps like MonoDevelop and F-Spot. There are libraries that are not available in C++ because Mono has its own class libraries (although there are generally equivalent libraries available). You would probably have to inlcude some outside libraries in C++ implementations of more sophisticated Mono apps.

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