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Apple Kroc and I already touched this subject during yesterday's podcast, referring to AnandTech's test of the new MacBook Pro's battery. This one will deliver 8 hours of battery life, and consequently AnandTech is pretty impressed with this thing. "Today I am more than comfortable saying that this is the best Apple notebook I've ever laid my hands on. The build quality is excellent, the base specs are solid and of course, the battery life. There's no doubt that it could be better; toss in an SSD or drop the price even further, but as it stands the new MBP is an excellent choice if you're looking for a Mac laptop. Obviously, you can attain the same battery life with a cheaper notebook and one or two spare batteries. But there's something to be said for increasing battery life by at least 50% without increasing the bulk or weight of the system. I'm not sure there's much else I can add other than Good Job, Apple."
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RE: does apple make any hardware?
by tchristney on Mon 15th Jun 2009 17:38 UTC in reply to "does apple make any hardware?"
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It's a custom battery made for Apple. Probably the most controversial decision was to integrate the battery into the MBP. Hopefully replacement of the battery won't be outrageously expensive.

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