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Web 2.0 Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr. All demon spawn from Web 2.0, and we all love to make fun of these websites and the services they provide. However, here in the West, where everything is at arm's length and democracy is something we do not remember fighting for, it's easy to forget that what looks silly and useless to us, can be of the utmost importance somewhere else in the world. Update: I've been informed that the first casualty has fallen at the hands of armed government supporters. Hundreds of thousands of people are now on the streets all over Iran. More updates inside.
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2 lessons
by averycfay on Mon 15th Jun 2009 22:44 UTC
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There are actually 2 lessons about the media that you can draw from this.

1.) New internet media is trumping old media. This is the point of the article and it's pretty much true. While CNN was playing reruns of crappy larry king interviews, huff post + andrew sullivan were basically around-the-clock live blogging what was happening using sources like twitter/youtube/etc.

2.) The flip side is that some old media will really never die. The reporting coming from the new york times, TIME magazine, and channel4 news in the uk has been nothing short of excellent. Each of those organizations have multiple reporters on the ground in Tehran right now. First-hand accounts and cell phone videos are useful and exciting, but there's no way they replace real comprehensive journalism.

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