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Google We've been talking a lot about ARM-based netbooks, and when they're going to come. We've also been talking about Android on netbooks. Well, at Computex, analyst firm Gartner took a look at ARM netbooks running Android, compared them with Atom notebooks running Windows 7, and concluded that the interface on the former felt snappier.
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RE: Android
by bsharitt on Tue 16th Jun 2009 00:40 UTC in reply to "Android"
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Once I get an Android phone, I'll probably take the Java plunge too. I like iPhone(and Cocoa in general) development, but I just can't do the single vendor lockin thing, and I won't get a Mac. Maybe if I could get OS X Legally one of my existing machines, I would do both, but the iPhone just isn't worth it. I currently have and E71, and looked into navtive Symbian development, but after one weekend I downloaded the Android SDK.

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