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Podcasts It's an almost 50/50 split of Apple and Microsoft news. Apple's WWDC is an unavoidable news-machine outputting Snow Leopard, Safari 4, new MacBook [Pro]s and the iPhone 3GS (The 'S' is for sucks -- ed. It's a joke!). Microsoft returns the volley with their decision to remove IE completely from Windows 7 in Europe, but between all this giant game of tennis we find a quiet moment to discuss QNX and SkyOS too.
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RE[2]: Can't wait for EU Windows 7
by japh on Tue 16th Jun 2009 09:37 UTC in reply to "RE: Can't wait for EU Windows 7"
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Microsoft did a similar stunt with the Windows version without media player.
The effect was that they didn't have to let the competition in, since that windows version wasn't really popular (for obvious reasons).

Now they're trying to do the same thing again. Formally complying to the EU verdict, while ignoring the intent.

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