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Opera Software A few days ago Opera launched a placeholder website which said they were going to "reinvent" the web, on June 16. Well, it's June 16, and Opera has announced Opera Unite, a technology which allows individual Opera users to connect to one another, turning every machine running Opera Unite into a web server.
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Comment by Kroc
by Kroc on Tue 16th Jun 2009 10:36 UTC
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I've made a few comments on Twitter and I shall leave it at that, there's no great insight I can bring to the table.

"The biggest problem with Opera Unite is perhaps that it requires the Opera browser.

This isn't for me. I'm an anti-social git and this is one sign-up form too many for a browser I don't even like anyway.

The distaste I have for this Unite thing is that in the Opera Labs article they hate on Facebook/MySpaces's data silos--

But I only see another one with Opera unite. Requires Opera to exist, yet-another-signup (no openid), and proprietary.

Google / Mozilla are progressing toward similar things in far more open and transparent ways (Wave / Weave). The browser is your identity.

(Though I will admit proprietary and now is more practical than open and later; but open will always win in the long run)"

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