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Google We've been talking a lot about ARM-based netbooks, and when they're going to come. We've also been talking about Android on netbooks. Well, at Computex, analyst firm Gartner took a look at ARM netbooks running Android, compared them with Atom notebooks running Windows 7, and concluded that the interface on the former felt snappier.
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RE: not a fair comparison
by ricegf on Tue 16th Jun 2009 11:14 UTC in reply to "not a fair comparison"
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"If you want to make a comparison Android should be compaired (sic) to WinCE 6.5."

Don't be silly. Microsoft won't sell WinCE on ARM as a netbook operating system - they're pushing Win 7 on Atom. WinCE is a niche player in the cell phone market, nothing more.

The question is whether a $100 ARM smartbook running Android is snappier than a $500 Atom netbook running Win 7. The answer is, "Yes!".

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