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Apple During last week's Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple introduced a new iPhone model, the iPhone 3GS, which comes, among other things, with a faster processor and more RAM. Since this is a developers' conference, there were also numerous sessions on iPhone development, and the last session was about publishing on the App Store. Since every session at every WWDC is always followed by an open Q&A session, you'd figure this'd be the perfect opportunity for iPhone developers to ask about Apple's App Store policies. Well, no.
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RE[4]: what a sharp contrast
by fretinator on Tue 16th Jun 2009 17:47 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: what a sharp contrast"
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I was thinking of when the Mini came out. There was one version with a combo drive (CDRW/DVD), and one that had a super drive (DVDRW). IIRC, if you bought the combo drive version, there was no Apple-approved upgrade path to the DVDRW superdrive. You had to buy an external if you didn't want to void your warranty.

Again, though, I am talking about a feeling, a perception. To me, it FEELS like Apple still owns all the hardware they sell you. My PERCEPTION (not reality) is that if they wanted they could come to my house and take my computer back for conduct unbecoming a loyal Apple user. I'm sure it was hard for them to "allow" me to put Windows on my Intel Mac. I bet they mulled over voiding your warranty if you put Windows on the computer. At least sane minds won out that time!

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