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Debian and its clones Last week we talked about whether or not the Debian project would include Mono in its default GNOME installation. This incited some heavy debate on OSNews, but sadly, the Mono debate also lead to some very nasty blog posts in the Debian community. Time for damage control, Debian project leader Steve McIntyre must've thought.
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RE: It should include it
by robmv on Tue 16th Jun 2009 18:22 UTC in reply to "It should include it"
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.NET sprang from the fact that MS was prohibited from distributing Java.

and the reason was they did not followed the Java license, they created a "Mono-platform" (pun intended :-P) Java (Windows only), they did not implemented for example the Java 1.1 GUI event model, and still wanted to be called Java. Sun sued, so they threw the towel trying to kill Java that way, so they created a Mono-platform Java clone called .Net, with the advantage of fixing some mistakes with CLR, but still with many hooks to Windows APIs than even Mono is not a full .Net implementation.

They could not control Java they cloned it. On a parallel Universe, MS could have joined to the Java Community Process to express their opinion of what they want for the future of Java, and in that universe too, they could have joined Oasis to help with the OpenDocument standard instead of creating MSOOXML like they did on our universe.

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