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Apple During last week's Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple introduced a new iPhone model, the iPhone 3GS, which comes, among other things, with a faster processor and more RAM. Since this is a developers' conference, there were also numerous sessions on iPhone development, and the last session was about publishing on the App Store. Since every session at every WWDC is always followed by an open Q&A session, you'd figure this'd be the perfect opportunity for iPhone developers to ask about Apple's App Store policies. Well, no.
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OSNews hates Apple
by rubberneck on Tue 16th Jun 2009 21:08 UTC
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Of course, OS News is gonna take a naive developer's point of view, and use it against Apple. They always do this.

Anyone in that session, with half of brain, knew apple wasn't going to do QA. I was there, and I predicted to other developers that they wouldn't. 1500 developers probably had 5000 questions.

As for what Marco states in his post is not the full story. After the session, at least 30 developers approached the presenter with questions. It was like a stampede, and the guy took some questions. He conveniently leaves that part out.

Is apple supposed to have an answer concerning every single app a developer is working on. There are some ground rules to developing and submitting an app, and if you don't investigate them, then you are dumb.

Good work OS News, once again your BS attack is based on only part of the story.

Good work Marco, you must have missed an entire conference that Apple was preparing for months with a vast amount of information. Where else are you gonna find great access to the developers of the API's? Next time, stay out of the bars and attend the conference.

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