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Linux Linus Torvalds, the creator of Linux and the maintainer of the development kernel, expressed concerns that the kernel development process may need to be changed to make sure that Morton is not overworked. "One issue is that I actually worry that Andrew will at some point be where I was a couple of years ago - overworked and stressed out by just tons and tons of patches," said Torvalds. "If Andrew burns out, we'll all suffer hugely."
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RE[2]: Heh
by Lazarus on Tue 27th Sep 2005 13:48 UTC in reply to "RE: Heh"
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That is true. But I think the parent poster was refering to the idea that the BSD development process is far more resilient in some regards; notably that they do not rely so much on one or two developers to maintain the projects.

Sure the Linux kernel has gobs and gobs of submitters, but only one or two people at the helm. And while it is true that if say Torvalds or Morton were to die, some other group would become the "standard" kernel, can you honestly say that the direction of that project would be the same as Linus' tree?

Something to ponder I guess.

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