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Debian and its clones Last week we talked about whether or not the Debian project would include Mono in its default GNOME installation. This incited some heavy debate on OSNews, but sadly, the Mono debate also lead to some very nasty blog posts in the Debian community. Time for damage control, Debian project leader Steve McIntyre must've thought.
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RE: what fckin ignorance
by edogawaconan on Wed 17th Jun 2009 03:13 UTC in reply to "what fckin ignorance"
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Personally I'm using mono because it is the best crossplatform development ever (Gtk + .Net framework) = nice, although I'm waiting for Vala to come to 1.0 to rewrite some of my work with it. At the time of my choosing between Java and Mono,... well mono was free, java wasn't.

Sorry, the user doesn't care if C# is the developer's language of choice (which might've chosen after some valid consideration).

They only care 'omg it uses mono! it must be rewritten in qt/gtk/java/whatever (which the original developer doesn't care/have knowledge of)'

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