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Opera Software A few days ago Opera launched a placeholder website which said they were going to "reinvent" the web, on June 16. Well, it's June 16, and Opera has announced Opera Unite, a technology which allows individual Opera users to connect to one another, turning every machine running Opera Unite into a web server.
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by kaiwai on Wed 17th Jun 2009 09:07 UTC in reply to "Comment by Kroc"
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I've made a few comments on Twitter and I shall leave it at that, there's no great insight I can bring to the table.

"The biggest problem with Opera Unite is perhaps that it requires the Opera browser.

This isn't for me. I'm an anti-social git and this is one sign-up form too many for a browser I don't even like anyway.

The distaste I have for this Unite thing is that in the Opera Labs article they hate on Facebook/MySpaces's data silos--

But I only see another one with Opera unite. Requires Opera to exist, yet-another-signup (no openid), and proprietary.

Google / Mozilla are progressing toward similar things in far more open and transparent ways (Wave / Weave). The browser is your identity.

(Though I will admit proprietary and now is more practical than open and later; but open will always win in the long run)"

You've said everything that I wanted to say about this new 'Opera Unite'. As soon as I saw 'Opera Unite', I couldn't help but feel a shudder up the spine as I thought of yet another MySpace/Facebook/Bebo/FaceParty/ad nauseum appearing on the scene. Can you imagine the cesspit that that the internet will further descend to as clueless people invade the last remaining space where the knowledge at one point was high enough as to weed out the unwashed masses.

I also ask why they are even going down this road - when their focus should be on address the short comings of their browser - like not properly support youtube (specifically I can't delete my messages my account area) or the lack of stability when it comes to loading very large websites or heavily graphical on a constrained environment such as a netbook. Instead of addressing the short comings of their product they instead are choosing to branch out and avoid the elephant in the room.

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