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Debian and its clones Last week we talked about whether or not the Debian project would include Mono in its default GNOME installation. This incited some heavy debate on OSNews, but sadly, the Mono debate also lead to some very nasty blog posts in the Debian community. Time for damage control, Debian project leader Steve McIntyre must've thought.
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RE[7]: Comment by bloodandsoil
by kelvin on Wed 17th Jun 2009 11:51 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Comment by bloodandsoil"
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If Mono is not attempting to provide a .NET compatible environment, that's news to me. Because I'm fairly sure that one of the very early goals (aside from the CLR) was a C# compiler and the C# class libraries, including Windows.Forms.

A .NET-compatible environment is not what's being discussed. Those parts of Mono are packaged separately and are not used by Tomboy, F-spot, Banshee, etc.

I'm not exactly a fan of Java, but I'm fairly certain it has quite a few applications which could be described as "compelling", at least given the same criteria as applications such as Fspot and Tomboy are being given.

Really? Which desktop applications do you have in mind? I'm certainly a fan of both Java and Parrot, but there are simply no compelling desktop linux applications using those frameworks.

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