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Apple During last week's Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple introduced a new iPhone model, the iPhone 3GS, which comes, among other things, with a faster processor and more RAM. Since this is a developers' conference, there were also numerous sessions on iPhone development, and the last session was about publishing on the App Store. Since every session at every WWDC is always followed by an open Q&A session, you'd figure this'd be the perfect opportunity for iPhone developers to ask about Apple's App Store policies. Well, no.
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Dev want to make money
by valyno on Wed 17th Jun 2009 12:21 UTC
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I am not a developper, so it's quite easy for me to say that....

Dev are complaing that relationship is hard with Apple and the AppStore...

Why don't they developp and distribute they software through the open platforms (Cydia and the likes...)?
Apple will loose its power over the developpers and the appstore would not have known the great success it has if no or to few apps were available in iTunes while tons of apps would have been available (for free) on the open repositories...

The true stories is that most of the devs want to make (a little) money with their apps (which is completely normal since everybody need to eat), but to do so they have accepted to surrender their power to Apple in exchange with a few money.

iPhone is a cash machine for Apple, and devs hoped to get a part of it....
I like the phone, but I would have prefered the open source community for the softwares... even if I have to jailbreak my phone to have the benefit of it...

It's not too late, open repositories are still running.
If you guys want your power back, withdraw your app from the AppStore and publish it freely, you will have the true relationship you want with your customers...

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