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KDE "As the dust settles from aKademy 2005, the annual KDE conference, it's a good time to take a look at what the KDE developers are working on. Though KDE 3.5 isn't even out yet, developers are already working on KDE 4. Plenty of work has already gone into porting existing code to Qt4, the GUI toolkit upon which KDE is based, and KDE developers are working on projects that could radically change how [KDE] works."
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RE[4]: yes!
by molnarcs on Tue 27th Sep 2005 14:17 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: yes!"
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I noticed a tendency at kde@freebsd to split up various kde ports into smaller chunks - if you are careful with the order of installation (or install kde-light metaport) - you can select what you want to be included. The system is not perfect, but at least I can have juk - from kdemultimedia-juk port - without the horror that is noatun and friends. Also, use ermixer if you want to have a mixer (I installed the entire kdemultimedia port just to have a freaking mixer!).

Which reminds me: packaging kde is up to the distributors. The KDE project offers their own "default" packages, but a distributor can do whatever it wants with those packages - including rearranging them. So bug your $Distro_maker if you're not satisfied with the defaults.

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