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Web 2.0 Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr. All demon spawn from Web 2.0, and we all love to make fun of these websites and the services they provide. However, here in the West, where everything is at arm's length and democracy is something we do not remember fighting for, it's easy to forget that what looks silly and useless to us, can be of the utmost importance somewhere else in the world. Update: I've been informed that the first casualty has fallen at the hands of armed government supporters. Hundreds of thousands of people are now on the streets all over Iran. More updates inside.
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RE[2]: This is what people want
by h3rman on Wed 17th Jun 2009 19:33 UTC in reply to "RE: This is what people want"
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Iran has "democracy" They are a democratic republic, just like the US. The problem is that the rights of the people were never codified and their parliament is not co-equal to the Guardian Council or the Supreme Leader so the voice of the people cannot protect the rights of the people like it does in other democratic republics like the US, the UK, Germany, France, Japan, etc.

Actually, the difference isn't that great at all. In Iran, the ayatollahs more or less decide who the eligible candidates are. In the US, Wall Street bankers and the business elite (who, purely coincidentally, happen to control the mass media) decides who the eligible candidates are.

Has anybody considered the option that Ahmadinejad actually *is* still a popular president? Polls by mind you, American polling agencies showed that there was no direct evidence for election manipulation. US, Israel benefit from efforts to destabilise Iran, in various ways. The CIA or whatever name America's agents provocateurs go by these days, and the Mossad are definitely active there too.

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